About Dug

We aim to bring trust, loyalty and joy to the crypto ecosystem.

With a clear vision to create and maintain the most sustainable and strong meme economy on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), both the contract and project was created carefully by the $DUG team. With the power of meme and the power of the experienced dev team, $DUG is focused only on a single target: moon.

In the vast and sometimes chaotic realm of cryptocurrencies, $DUG emerges as a charismatic and unexpected leader, ready to disrupt the status quo with its unique charm and loyalty.




DUG Token Info


Features of DUG

2% HOLDR Rewards

For every sell transaction, 2% of the transaction value is redistributed to existing holders. This means that just by holding $DUG, you will continue to earn more $DUG every time someone sells.

3% Auto Liquidity

As the liquidity pool for $DUG grows, so does its liquidity and its hedge against price fluctuations. Equipped with a 3% transaction fee on all non-buy transactions, the pool for $DUG can always keep growing.

2% Burn

$DUG burns tokens regularly and automatically to maintain its deflationary status. All non-buy transactions get charged a 2% fee. The accumulated tokens are removed from the total supply forever.



3% Marketing

3% of every sell transaction is contributed to the marketing wallet to be used solely for the growth of the $DUG project and community.

Dug Profits

Multi-Faceted Profits for Dug Community.

There are two mechanisms for DUG investors to increase their income during the period they invest. First, the 2% share obtained from each sales transaction is distributed to investors. At the same time, 2% of tokens are burned for each sale transaction. This increases the value of your existing tokens.






Dug Token’s journey begins when a group of visionary developers, inspired by the heartwarming tale of Dug from “Up,” decide to create a cryptocurrency that not only embraces the playful spirit of meme coins but also introduces a new level of community engagement and purpose.

Meet Dug


Dug is a major character in Disney Pixar’s 2009 animated feature film, Up. He is a dog with a special collar that gives him the ability to talk.

Dug is a playful, optimistic, friendly, and lovable dog who is always kind to those he loves. He likes almost everybody he comes across. He is also very good at following rules and can be somewhat of an airhead at times. Dug also gets easily distracted by some things, mainly squirrels. He is a very social dog.